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40mm Crystals Ball Prisms Suncatcher Hanging Ornament Chakra Crystals Rainbow Maker with Colors Crystal Pendants for Home,Office,Garden Decoration


50mm Natural Carved Rose Quartz Ball Healing Crystal Sphere with Glass Base


Beverly Oaks Energy Infused Natural Raw Healing Crystals and Tumbled Stones – Chakra Stones for Crystal Healing – The Ultimate Chakra Kit with Huge Variety of Gemstones


Chakra Stone Set with 7 Crystals, Sage, Abalone Shell, Wood Stand, Cage Pendant Spiritual Healing Crystal, Smudge Gift Kit

$29.95 $19.95

Crystal Chakra Healing Gift/Balancing Chakra Crystal Set:7 Tumbled Stones,Amethyst Cluster,Raw Rose Quartz,Clear Crystal Wand,Obsidian Crystal Point,Pendulum,Chakra Bracelet,for Meditation,Decoration


Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Chakra Balance Kit (16 Pc Starter Set), 7 Tumbled Stones, 7 Rough Stones, Selenite Wand & Palo Santo Smudge Stick for Good Energy, Chart and Guide with Metaphysical Info

$26.95 $17.95

Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Meditation Altar Kit (35 Pc Set) + Instruction Guides, Rough & Tumbled Chakra Balance Stones & Grid, Abalone, Sage, Smudge Feather, Spirit Animal, Bell, Amethyst & More


Exceptional Gift Set – Chakra Crystals and Healing Stones – Great Kit for Beginners and Enthusiasts – Includes Amethyst, Rose, Clear and Golden Quartz Crystals, Pendulum – Detailed How-To Ebook

$39.99 $23.99

Green Fluorite Healing Crystal Wand, Pointed & Faceted for Reiki Chakra Meditation Therapy Decor


Hamoery Men Women 8mm Lava Rock 7 Chakras Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Braided Rope Natural Stone Yoga Beads Bracelet Bangle

$22.78 $16.95

Himalayan Glow Natural Selenite Lamp (2-4 lbs), Amazing Selenite Crystal Lamp Hand Carved with Dimmer Switch


Jovivi Chakra Gemstone Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Natural Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Point Pendant Necklace